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Experience gained during the 36 years of RTO (rubber technical products) production is used in the development program and built in the new products. Since the 80’s we use, as a result of a survey of several years and with strong cooperation with our customers, oblique rubber rings instead of flat rubber rings as they have proven to be more multifunctional.

The evolution of oblique distant rings and solving the customers’ issues has made our latest SGC product, spiral guidance cleaner of conveyor belts, patent protected in the domestic market.


The existing construction, technical solutions of the rubber rolls are based on steel pipe rollers, on which the rubber wedge-shaped rings are installed, and in-between which the so called spacer rings are inserted. The rolls are placed from 3 to 6 meter distances. This type of rubber roll has significant technical drawbacks:

  • The conveyor belt with its width depends on the protruding rubber rings, which in exploitation leads to etched lines, or indentations along the length of the tape, because of the belt contacting with the rings due to the large and constant pressure and friction, which eventually leads to rupture and tearing tires and technical fabrics.
  • This type of roll does not provide a continual stream of straight strips, because the straps under the influence of traction, lateral, centrifugal and administrative powers, which are formed under the influence of materials pasted on the tape reels and rolls, tends to get out of balance and glide to the sides, in which there the fraying edges together’ thus removing the rubber side protection cladding and technical fabrics.
  • Between the rubber ring residues (Paste) transported material are created, causing some parts of the tape to rise, which also affects the dis-turbance in balance, or in a straight line flow of the tape.
  • Deviation from a straight line flow causes a waste of the trans-ported material.
  • Difficulties in cleaning tape from pasted materials.

The aforementioned drawbacks significantly affect the reduction exploratory usage of the conveyor belts. Because of balance disorders, or the straight line flow, and difficulty in cleaning tape pasted materials, the number of delays is increased, and also the engagement of the workers to eliminate downtime and cleaning system of the paste.


Analyzing the performance and service life of the conveyor belt in operation, the transport of various materials, we constructed and produced a new type of rubber rollers for conveyor systems, which we called Spiral Guiding Cleaner conveyor belt (hereinafter SGC). A new kind of rubber rolls, which was tested in the field, has proved in practice to be very efficient and it is expected that the mass application of a high percentage eliminate the shortcomings of existing rings. From a technical point of view SGC rubber rolls are composed of two rubber spiral rolls (left and right) that are with their axes and spirals inclined to the axis of the tape.

SGC rolls for the basis that is core, similar to the existing ring distant rubber rolls, have a steel pipe roller on the fit spiral rubber cover, made of high quality rubber mixture which their mechanical properties (resistance to wear, tear, elasticity, etc.. ) provides an efficient implementation of belt conveyor systems, designed for transport of various materials, including those that have a feature of sticking and adhere to the tape, such as kaolin, clay, sand, coal, coal, soil, minerals, etc..


In hardest working conditions transporter SGC In addition to protecting the metal frame provides three basic functions: ROUTERCLEANERABSORBERS, protecting the conveyor belt and extends the its service life.

Unlike existing ring-spacing recurrent rubber rolls, which, as noted above, continuously fitting tight to the conveyor belt at certain points, the new reverse roll SGC abut on the whole width of the tape, thereby eliminating the possibility of wear and the incision line along the length of the tape. SGC is installed on both the carrier and the return rollers and requires no special drive because it is already using a power action and direction of the conveyor belt.

New SGC rubber rolls, since it is installed in pairs (left and right), and are leaning to the longitudinal axis of the spiral conveyors, provided that the structure and alignment of the transporter, as well as assembling an endless tape, done properly, is entirely eliminated the possibility of an imbalance due to the effects of traction, lateral, centrifugal and administrative powers. The effect of these forces in the system of the existing ring-spacing of rubber rolls, as it is said, leads to disruption of balance and straight-through flow, while the system of SGC rubber rolls forces deployed by the system of fish spine at a distance of approximately 0.6 m.

The effect of these forces in the system of SGC rolls is reduced to a resultant which is directed towards the longitudinal axis of the strip. Which provides a continuous and balanced rectilinear flow throughout the system.

Considering that by turning rolls below the spiral conveyor belt, which has a straight-line flow, provided continuously over the entire surface touching the strips, a very efficient cleaning is performed from layers of the material strip, so that the role of cleaners’ in particular built-in strip is reduced to a minimum. Damping function is expressed by installing SGC rubber rollers on metal rollers under the points for filling an occasion where the dam and the inlet of material on tape mitigate strikes of materials and soothes strip during operation.

Depending on the transporter constriction, next manifestations are possible (pictures e, f, and g)

Type of structure of the transporter
Type of structure of the transporter
structure of conveyor belt
structure of conveyor belt
structure of conveyor belt
structure of conveyor belt
structure of conveyor belt
structure of conveyor belt


Application of new SGC rubber rolls in the exploitation of transport systems should achieve significant production and financial effects.
There are two types of effect that will occur in the exploitation of transport systems SGC spiral rubber rolls, such as:

  • measurable which can be quantified and expressed in value
  • immeasurable which cannot be quantified, only described.

The first group of so-called measurable effects can be classified based on the effects of increased service life of conveyor belts,
reduced procurement costs of rubber rollers and conveyors as well as reducing the amount of bulk materials.

The second group of so-called immeasurable effects can be given effect based on increased efficiency in transport due to reduced downtime, reduced labour-maintenance and eliminate delays in transportation systems and similar.

Incorporating new SGC spiral rubber rolls extends the exploitation period conveyor belt of approximately 40% on average, depending on the service conditions, the distance to which the material is transported, and the type of transport materials. By installing SGC rubber spiral rubber rolls maintain the entire transport system and supervision of the tape is easier, reducing the need to engage the workforce by approximately 50%. By installing SGC spiral rubber rolls, delays due to jumping lanes, as well as delays due to pasting materials elements of the transportation systems are minimized.


SGC rubber roll attaches to a metal roll cover with the help of a special device for assembly-disassembly. Rubber roll cover as it is attached to a metal roll precisely defined overlap in the range 0.5 to 0.4 mm, depending on the diameter of the metal rolls, at no additional fasteners (glue, pin …). One screw roll left and one right screw roll form a syllable spiral router-cleaners conveyor belt. Segments that continue to obtain optimal length are interrelated hot and cold vulcanization which Screwed spiral provides a continuous stream.

Mounting is possible in our factory or by the customer. With SGC, we offer the device for its assembly and dismantling.

device for its assembly and dismantling
Device for its assembly and dismantling SGC

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